Welcome to the soon-to-be-released TRIBAL COLLECTOR,  a destination online that provides “everything for the tribal art collector”. Our mission is to market the world of tribal art to the broader art world and international art community, while serving existing tribal art collectors in a way which has yet to be done online in one place.  The result of years of collector input and adding to the good work of other online tribal art platforms,  TRIBAL COLLECTOR actively works to integrate tribal art into the lives of new enthusiasts, collectors, designers, and others who are new to or unaware of the magic of tribal art. 

This includes a variety of campaigns, creating innovative physical exhibitions and shows, and using new platforms to engage the massive art-loving public. With negotiations already underway for "Silicon Valley 2020", a groundbreaking introduction of authentic tribal art to a massive new audience in and beyond the secretive and innovative walls of Silicon Valley corporations.  As we say within our own TC offices, is not what this platform will be that is important to our mission—it is what we will do with it that will help us succeed in achieving our ambitious objectives of taking the magic of tribal art to another level.

We welcome you as part of our TC family, and the best is yet to come!

Andrew J. Berz, Tribal Collector


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